• Lol, yes you’re just in there for 60 mins with most of them. It’s good that they give you clues when you get stuck, otherwise it could get boring if you can’t solve one of the clues. It’s surprising how quickly the time passes once you’re in there.

  1. A new one of these has just opened near me and I’ve been wondering whether or not to go. I could see myself getting distracted a lot or stressed out and panicky so I’m not so sure but they do sound like such a great idea and a great team building exercise!

  2. Francesca

    I actually really want to do this!!! I think it woukd be great and a lot of fun! I’ve heard loads of good things about it too!

  3. I’ve heard a lot about these recently and they sounds like great fun. I’d be a little worried about getting panicky while I was in there. But the Crystal Maze one sounds fantastic – I loved that show, especially Richard O’Brien!

  4. Oh I’ve always fancied one of these! I have anxiety though so I think I might panic if I felt trapped! Maybe it’s a challenge I need to overcome the fear.

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