1. hannah

    This is awesome. I love indian food. The hotter the better. I’ve heard that curry in India is a lot hotter than back here. I’m one of those people who always goes for a vindaloo, sometimes even a phall (you can’t get phall in india, because it’s not an authentic indian curry).

    • Me too, I love a bit of spice. The curry in India is only very hot if you request it to be this way… lots of Indians assume that Westerners aren’t into spicy food in a big way. I tasted some delicious curries there though!

  2. all of this looks amaaaazing and put my boring salad for lunch to shame. The chocolate truffle roll looks like just the type of thing I like to eat.

  3. I am sat here licking my lips whilst reading this, I love the look of everything and I did snigger at Dominos, I love to see what home comforts as I call them, taste like abroad and infact one of the best McDonalds ive ever had was in Egypt x

    • Haha yes when I ordered the Dominoes I thought to myself, “Call yourself a foodie!” but it was like 11.30pm and I didn’t fancy venturing far from my hostel, so it was that or nothing for me at the time. I didn’t mind… it was nice to eat some homely food.

  4. I am not adventurous when it comes to trying out indian foods mostly just stick to masala and that’s about it so was intriguing reading all these eateries.

  5. Rachel

    I can’t believe there’s a Domino’s there! Looks like there’s some amazing food palces, the chocolate roll looks great! xo

    • Me too! I was like :O hehe. was an absolute lifesaver at the time, as there was nowhere else open for food nearby and I didn’t fancy walking the streets on my own late at night!

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