1. I have not hard Indian food in years well at least not quality Indian food but this restaurant review is making me crave it big time. I am loving some of these names lol

  2. alisonrost

    What a unique and diverse menu! Especially as a food blogger, this is one place I’d love to go. It would be fun to experience the Dragon’s Breath with Arabian Night’s for dessert. I’m going to check out their online menu for culinary inspiration!

  3. I was fooled when I saw the “egg yolk”! I’d love to try the mango lassi ravioli. Well, I’d like to try much of this menu. I’ve never had this sort of dining experience, but it would be something I’d like to give a go. Will definitely keep Moksh in mind when I go to Cardiff.

  4. Angela Milnes

    I love reading your food reviews. It always makes me hungry and I want to go check out more places to eat out. The starters look interesting and I’d love to try the desserts.

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