1. Sarah

    The geometric rabbit one blew my socks off! That’s how to reinvent the easter egg, it’s stunning. Sad to hear it was too bitter for you, but I agree that a dark chocolate Easter egg sits in a far more niche market than Easter eggs which are actually tasty! Perhaps it should have fought its corner a little more and added in some spices to add to it’s unique-ness; it’s M&S after all, they can afford to give the consumer an extra kick of flavour in exchange for M&S prices.

    • Yes, the shape was very impressive and unlike anything I saw on the shop shelves for Easter this year. I agree that adding spices could have helped to jazz things up a little!

  2. Lynne Jones

    My daughter bought my husband the M&S nougat egg like the fudge egg. We felt it was poor value at £5, though it was tasty. . She bought me the M&S 12 bird eggs. They were really pretty, the size about quail size. They had solid white and brown chocolate centres and were delicious.

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