1. Ariel Wilstead

    This meal sounds so delicious and even though I just ate, I would find room for that amazing pasta you had! I must figure out how to make that for my family. It may not be as authentic but I bet it would become a family favorite! Any ideas on how they went about making it?
    Currently, my favorite Italian meal is similar to the one you had. Instead of salmon though, I make mushrooms and spinach in a very creamy sauce. I always make extra sauce to soak up with a piece of warm bread- and having leftovers never hurts right?
    What do you constantly find on all of these amazing Italian menus (besides the usual)?

    • Thank you for your comment 🙂 It sure was a tasty meal. I believe you can make the salmon pasta using creme fraiche, lemon juice and salmon (with some good fresh tagliatelle). I like the idea of using mushrooms and spinach instead though. I think a good Italian menu is honest and simple, not too extensive – quality over quantity!

  2. The spaghetti marinara is bit new to me but I would really love to try end. Mussels on a spaghetti is not very common but very interesting. Ahh this makes me hungry!

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