1. I love reading about places I have not been yet! John mentioned this place a while back and the food looks amazing – John eats everything and although I don’t eat fish I still love going to new places and John loves Tuna, Calamari, Cod and shrimp. It’s a pity you had to complain and I would also be disappointed about only have 4 small pieces of something with such a sad looking salad for £13.50 – I hope your next visit is better and they put more time into training the staff

    Laura x

    • I’d been looking forward to Seafood Shack launching for months as they really hyped it up and when the launch was delayed, it only served to build my anticipation. It was shockingly bad, but let’s hope things improve in time and that they spend time on training staff properly 🙂

  2. What a shame this restaurant is SOooo very far away from me down here in the land of Oz huh as I’d adore to go and try those mussles. What a shame the rest of the menu didn’t impress, nothing worse. It sounds like the restaurant was having a lot of opening dramas, good thing it’s only in soft launch. Fingers crossed they get all the crinkles ironed out and be all you’d love in the way of a fave restaurant.

  3. It’s refreshing to find an honest review of a restaurant! But, let’s hope for their sake they are able to iron out any of those teething issues. Clearly it takes more than good food to make a good restaurant.

  4. Jim Paterson

    Quite honestly the worst service and food I’ve had in years . For the prices you expect excellence not aweful food and terrible service.

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