Judging in the True Taste Food & Drink Awards 2011

When I received an email inviting me to judge in the heats of the True Taste Food and Drink Awards 2011, I seized the opportunity. Tasting the best food and drink Wales has to offer, and getting paid for it? Yes please! A WAG-funded initiative Organised by the Welsh Assembly Government, the annual True Taste Food and Drink … READ MORE

Cardiff goes crazy for Krispy Kreme

Copyright: Krispy Kreme This Tuesday, a crowd of 200 doughnut-fans descended upon St. David’s shopping centre, Cardiff, for the launch of the eagerly-awaited Krispy Kreme Coffee Bar. The doors opened at 10am, and first in line was Ben Esterson, 32, a rock-climbing instructor from North London who had been queuing since 3.15pm the previous day. He was rewarded for his 19-hour wait with a … READ MORE

Recipe: Traditional Welsh Bara Brith

Bara Brith (or ‘speckled bread’) is a Welsh tea-time treat, with recipes differing between regions. Allegedly, the fruit-loaf became popular when Welsh families lit their stove once a week for baking, adding currants to the left-over bread dough as the stove cooled. Some liked to coat the loaf in honey after baking, for an extravagant tea-time treat. I’ve been meaning to make Bara … READ MORE

Welsh foods shortlisted for protected food names bid

Traditional Welsh milk and butter could join the likes of Melton Mowbray pork pies, Cornish clotted cream and Stilton cheese as protected food names. The Welsh Assembly Government have shortlisted nine Welsh foods as they prepare to apply to the EU protected food names scheme, in a move to increase consumer awareness of the diversity of Welsh … READ MORE

Welsh cuisine flourishes at Festival of Food

Stepping into the Festival of Food, I was met with a concoction of exotic aromas reminiscent of  international cuisine at Camden Market. Surrounded by a string of stalls selling freshly-made food, my breakfast of Coco Pops suddenly seemed so inadequate. My passion for Welsh food saw me make a beeline for Wigmore’s Bakery. They offer a variety of traditional and contemporary bread loaves, ranging from the … READ MORE