Wonderful Welsh Cakes

This weekend, I took over the kitchen to knock up some Welsh Cakes from scratch — a first for me. Although I’ve been dying to do it for ages, I’ve only just got round to digging out the griddle. For a first attempt they didn’t turn out bad, although they were a bit too burnt and moist. I think I overdid the ‘splash’ … READ MORE

Welsh salt gets White House approval

Word has it that Barack Obama has taken a fancy to Welsh salt. Apparently he eats the stuff on top of his favourite American sweets, Smoked Salt Caramels. The sweets are produced by Fran’s Chocolates, who source the salt from Anglesey Sea Salt Company, Halen Môn.   Before landing on Mr. Obama’s chocs, the salt is extracted … READ MORE

The Rare Welsh Bit is born

Hello and welcome to The Rare Welsh Bit – a new blog aimed at showcasing some of the best foods in Wales, handpicked by yours truly. Focusing upon both traditional and contemporary Welsh cuisine, I hope to develop a collection of tried-and-tested recipes, news updates, food reviews and local event listings. I’ve decided to write about Welsh food because I love living in Wales … READ MORE