Baby Leeks

Whilst browsing in
my local Little Waitrose this week, I came across something that
caught my eye – baby leeks!

At first glance
they looked like spring onions, but when a closer look revealed their
true nature I think I might have let out a yelp of excitement.


How cute are these!?

I was delighted to
see that these babies (excuse the pun!) were reduced to just 59p.
However, the price of baby leeks tends to vary between different
retailers. Currently the normal selling price at Waitrose is £1.59,
whereas Sainsbury’s varieties will cost you £1.70. However, you
can pick up a bargain at Tesco where baby leeks cost £1.30 per pack
or 2 for £2.50, or even better head to Asda and pick up a pack for
£1.20 or two for £2.00.

Widely recognised
as the national emblem of Wales, leeks were a winner with the Roman
Emperor Nero, who was nicknamed ‘porrophagus’, meaning “leek
mouth”, after eating lots of leeks because he thought that they
would aid his vocal chords.

Available all
year-round, baby leeks can be pan-fried, baked, braised or roasted –
take your pick. Jamie Oliver offers a mouth-watering recipe which
involves roasting them with thyme – see here.
I laid mine in an oven-proof dish, poured a glug of olive oil over
them and roasted them for 20 minutes.

Mine were rather burnt and crisp on the ends, and so I wouldn’t
cook them for so long next time – 10 minutes should do it, I think!

If you give baby
leeks a go, why not let me know how it turns out? I’d love to know
which recipe you decide to follow!


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