The Best Destinations to Spend New Year’s Eve as a Single Lady

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Even the most relaxed singleton who is happy in her own skin can end up feeling like something of a third wheel on New Years Eve. It often seems second only to Valentine’s Day in being a night that seems aimed at loving couples looking adoringly into each other’s eyes and towards a brave new dawn.

While it’s easy enough to opt out of Valentine’s Day, New Year is something you can’t simply ignore. And come to that, why should you? Fear not, there are thousands of other people in exactly the same position, so here are some New Year destinations where your singularity will not matter a jot.

Fireworks to celebrate for New Year's Eve

A night out in cyberspace

Whether we like to admit it or not, the online world is where most of our social interaction takes place these days. So, on New Year’s Eve, when we find ourselves craving a drink or two but there are no buses or trains, and every taxi is either pre-booked, charging a fortune of both, is it really wise to go anywhere at all? Social gaming is all the rage, and you can have all the fun and interaction of a raucous night at the bingo, for example, right from the comfort of your laptop or mobile phone. Check out to see what I mean.


The most romantic city in the world? On New Years Eve? Single? Paris might be the last place you can imagine celebrating New Year’s Eve as a single lady, but it’s actually not the sugar-coated lovers’ retreat that popular culture portrays it as. What it is, however, is a party destination where the streets will be festooned with lights and filled with revellers sipping on champagne and wine. Best of all, you don’t even have to plan your trip too far ahead in advance – it’s easy to make a last-minute decision to jump on a Eurostar train or even take a cheap last-minute flight to Paris. 

Person holding a sparkler

New York

There’s no better time of year to treat yourself to a trip to New York; think of it as a Christmas gift to yourself! What’s more, given that there still lots of of last-minute flights from the UK to New York going for less than £500 return, spending New Year’s Eve in Times Square might be more affordable than you think. It can be expensive to spend time in the city, but the strength of the US dollar makes it more affordable today than ever. Make sure your ESTA is up to date – if you book it directly with the US Customs and Border Control, it only costs $14 and they usually turn it around in a couple of days. New York is one of the most iconic spots to visit for New Year’s Eve and it should be on everyone’s bucket list!


It was Dublin’s most famous poet, W B Yeats, who said: “There are no strangers here, just friends you haven’t met yet.” The sentiment exemplifies the atmosphere in this most welcoming of cities. Just turn up, stroll the city, enjoy the craic and make some new friends to see in the New Year with. 

What are your tips for someone spending New Year’s Eve single this year? 

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This is a collaborative post.

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