Bottomless brunches in Cardiff (Ad)

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Finding the perfect place to feed the five thousand (give or take) is never easy – especially when you have to cater for an eclectic mix of tastes. There’s rarely an option that combines quality, at the right price, in the right place and welcomes larger groups. Never is this more of a challenge than on stag and hen weekends, where people come together from all backgrounds and walks of life, to experience a fun-filled (and often boozy) celebration.

With all of these considerations in mind, it’s understandable that stag and hen organisers often feel slightly overwhelmed at the prospect of pacifying the hungry drunken masses within an agreed budget. But, fear not. There are a few fantastic options in Cardiff that are ready and willing to placate even the fussiest group of diners. It’s probably worth noting that the following venues might be reluctant to accommodate raucous groups – something to bear in mind before booking a table, and before your party get too tipsy!

Whether you’re starting your Cardiff hen weekend or stag weekend with food and endless Prosecco, or refreshing your party-goers after a crazy day of activities, here’s a few ideas to get your creative juices – and the Prosecco – flowing.


If your group loves a drop (or more than a drop!) of Prosecco, Grey in Cardiff is the place for you. The modern, chic restaurant set in the centrally located Hilton Hotel is the perfect option for those wanting quality food and endless Prosecco. For a glorious 90 minutes, you and your party can enjoy two courses of delectable British and Welsh classics, such as eggs royale, a succulent steak Sandwich or a traditional roast. The Prosecco keeps flowing through to the second course, where you can sate your taste buds with mouth-watering sweet treats such as apple crumble and sticky toffee pudding.

Las Iguanas

Okay, so not technically a ‘bottomless brunch’. But with such an incredible array of cocktails and authentic South American tapas dishes, Las Iguanas couldn’t be left off the list. The cocktails – which include classics like mojitos, Long Island iced teas and strawberry daquiris – are available on the two-for-one menu, many of which can be ordered by the pitcher. The food, which is guaranteed to have something for every appetite, is fresh, fantastic quality and great value, making it an ideal venue for any stag or hen group.

Le Monde

If you’re looking for a Sunday pick-me-up after a heavy Saturday night, Le Monde is the ideal solution for your party. Here, you have a whole two hours to indulge in delicious dishes such as smoked salmon, pancakes and garlic mushrooms on French toast -and most importantly, as much Prosecco as you can drink. With a striking art deco theme, it’s the ideal venue to relax and recover with good food and an old fashioned ‘hair of the dog’ approach to a hangover.

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For those looking for a more continentally-themed brunch, Calabrisella on Cowbridge Road East, Canton certainly has you covered. Although the Prosecco isn’t included in the cost, the quality and variety of the food will certainty compensate any misgivings you may have had. From the cunningly named ‘Wales breakfast the Italian way’, to the classic Italian torta di colazione (homemade breakfast cake), you won’t be limited in terms of choice or price. A huge selection of quick and tasty brunch snacks can also be ordered at any time of day, such as panino emiliano (a tasty morsel of Parma ham, cheese and courgette) or crispelline (scrumptious fried pizza balls). And fear not; Prosecco is a staple for celebrations in Italy – something that Calabrisella knows well, and has adhered to in its Cardiff-based restaurant.

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  1. Sharon
    October 5, 2017 / 9:14 pm

    Visited Le Monde for brunch recently. It’s a great idea, but there were issues.

    – Most of the staff couldn’t have been friendlier, but were rushed off their feet, so there was a lot of waiting between courses, and we had to make repeated attempts to get their attention for refills.

    – One staff member simply blanked us, by pretending not to see or hear my dining companion when she asked for another round of soft drinks, even though he was looking directly at her.

    – The deal attracted a few large groups who were aiming to get the most of the bottomless prosecco, which didn’t make for a great dining experience for those of us just out to have a nice meal. These large groups demanded a lot of attention from the servers, leaving the more sedate diners to be ignored. I don’t blame them getting their money’s worth, but as the groups got more and more drunk, the atmosphere became more than raucous. In one group, a woman overfilled her mouth with her dessert, then regurgitated it onto her plate, which she and the other women on her table seemed to think was hilarious entertainment, so she did it a few more times. I have a strong stomach, thanks to my career, but that nearly took me to my limit.

    – The food was hit & miss. I rarely add seasoning to any meal when I eat out. At most, I’ll add a little black pepper if there is an egg on my dish. I don’t even put salt on chips. However, two of the courses we were served at Le Monde were so bland & underseasoned, I had to ask for a salt cellar.

    I think I’ll take up some of your suggestions that provide great food, but without the unlimited drinks. That way hopefully we’ll avoid the worst excesses.

    • October 11, 2017 / 3:26 pm

      Oh gosh, that sounds like a nightmare. The girl who spat her dessert out (and then did it again!) sounds like an absolute nightmare. Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. You might want to look into Caffi Sio in Cardiff Bay, who are offering a bottomless Prosecco afternoon tea. They are based in Cardiff Bay and it’s a lovely, quirky ‘culture cafe’. I don’t think they’d accept such raucous behaviour, which is why I chose not to feature them in my post.