Cardiff breakfast review: Cafe Mayo – Whitchurch Road, Cardiff

This morning my friend and I awoke craving a full breakfast, after catching up over a few too many drinks last night. So, on her recommendation, we headed to Café Mayo on Cardiff ’s Whitchurch Road. 

Café Mayo is fairly large inside compared to other cafes in Cardiff I’ve been to, decked out with lime green walls scattered with Parisian canvas artwork. The tall windows let in plenty of light, enhanced by the warm glow from the blue and white spotlights on the ceiling.

We take a seat and cast our eyes over the menu, which offers homemade soups, jacket potatoes, deli salads and filled hot paninis and ciabattas, alongside a few favourite classics like fish and chips and today’s special, beef stew with crusty bread.

In Café Mayo, you have to order at the till rather than at the table. The breakfasts come in two sizes, el grande and the smaller full Welsh. we both opt for the full Welsh breakfast (£4.50), served with two pork sausages, two rashers of bacon, a fried egg, beans, a grilled tomato, a hash brown, mushrooms and two thick slices of hot, buttered white toast. I ask if I can order black pudding as an extra and the cashier kindly informs me that I can have it free of charge.

Pictured above, the full Welsh breakfast is just the right size – not too small, yet not so big that it makes me feel like I’m having a food baby by the time I leave the café. Everything is nice and hot on the plate and nothing has been over/under-cooked – it’s just perfect! I’m especially fond of the toast, made using the softest bread known to man and served with lashings of butter. The bacon has a good level of crispiness to it, without being frazzled. And most importantly, the egg is deliciously runny. There is one downside in that, I’d be surprised if the sausages contain more than 50% pork, if that, but sausages aside it’s one tasty breakfast – just what I need!

To quench my thirst (and boost my energy levels!) I order a mocha full works (£2.95; including 20p extra for the full works) to accompany my meal. Served in an elegant glass, my mocha is topped with oodles of squirty cream drizzled with chocolate sauce, sitting upon a bed of mini, melt-in-your-mouth marshmallows. A piece of biscotti sits on the side of the saucer, making for a charming finishing touch.

After the breakfast I’ve had and the friendly service that went with it, I’m sure my first trip to Café Mayo won’t be my last. The café got pretty full by the time we leave, so it seems as though plenty others would agree with me. Next time I visit I’m going to try one of the hot paninis or ciabattas, because all of the fillings on offer sound amazing – the lamb and mint is practically calling my name…

Café Mayo
90-92 Whitchurch Road
CF14 3LY
(029) 2039 8433



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