Top takeaway in Negril! Restaurant review: Ciao Jamaica – West End Road, Negril

A few weeks ago I published a post about The Italian Cafe, a restaurant in Negril, Jamaica serving authentic Italian cuisine including freshly baked pizzas. While staying in Negril, I found another restaurant serving traditional Italian grub – and this one offered a home delivery service, too! Home delivery isn’t very common amongst restaurants in Jamaica, so this was really handy when we just couldn’t be bothered cooking or going out to eat.

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Based opposite the Samsara Hotel resort on West End Road, Ciao Jamaica serves both Italian and Jamaican cuisine including starters, pasta, pizza, calzone, seafood and poultry dishes. Many dishes offer an interesting fusion of the two cuisines, like the rasta pasta, jerk chicken alfredo and the West Indies seafood linguine.

Prices are a little higher than what you would expect to pay at an average restaurant in Jamaica – especially for ‘takeaway’ style food. Pasta dishes start at $12 (for a vegetarian dish), pizzas start at $10 and grilled fish and poultry main courses range from $16-19. However, if you’re thinking of ordering steak or lobster this will set you back as much as $30. If you’re ordering food for home delivery you’ll have to pay an additional charge of around $5, dependent on your distance from the restaurant.

We ordered a 16″ jerk chicken pizza from Ciao Jamaica, which cost around $25 including delivery. It was somewhat imilar  to the pizza we’d had at The Italian Cafe, with a thin and crispy base and plenty of topping.

However, this pizza was a little burnt and dry around the edges and the dough didn’t taste quite as fresh as it did at The Italian Cafe.We didn’t end up ordering pizza from Ciao Jamaica again for this reason, but it’s a handy home delivery/takeaway option if you’re staying in Negril and don’t fancy heading out for food. If I had more time (and money!), I would’ve booked a table here and tried out one of Ciao Jamaica’s Italian-Jamaican fusion dishes – the jerk chicken penne pesto sounds delicious!Ciao Jamaica
West End Road
(1 876) 957 4395


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