Could you put Wales on the Menu? BBC Radio Wales needs you!

BBC Radio Wales are currently looking for amateur cooks to appear on their popular food series, Wales on the Menu. In this program, Cardiff -born food critic and restaurateur Simon Wright challenges cooks to get their home-cooked dishes onto the menus of leading UK restaurants.

Each contestant is invited to cook their chosen dish for Simon in the comfort of their own home. After eating, Simon makes his judgement and advises the cook on how to improve their meal. The next stage of the challenge is then revealed, as Simon whisks the cook off to a top restaurant. Here, they will prepare food for a panel of three judges who decide whether their dish could make it onto the restaurant menu. Supervising them is the head chef of the restaurant, on hand to offer advice and support.

Last week, Caryl Parry Jones did her best to get her Welshcake ice cream into the some of the best parlours in Europe. To get your hands on the recipe, click here. This is definitely a dish that I’ll be having a go at making myself!

According to BBC Radio Wales, former participants have thoroughly enjoyed their experience and Wales on the Menu is now one of its most successful programmes. The series now has its own Facebook page, featuring recipes from the current and past series, broadcast dates and times, behind-the-scenes photographs and details of how to apply to become a contestant or a judge. The team are searching for ambitious amateur cooks from across Wales to take part in the next series, which is currently being filmed. 

Good luck to anyone who volunteers themself for this exciting opportunity, which will go a long way in promoting the status of home-cooked Welsh food. If you decide to take part, do let me know how it goes!


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