No.1 Sandwich Spot in Negril, Jamaica: Hammond’s Bakery, Negril Square


Copyright: Hammond’s Bakery

During my stay in Negril, Jamaica, one of my favourite places to eat lunch was Hammond’s Bakery, a family-run business with its main branch in Savannah La Mar, the capital of Westmoreland parish.

Hammond’s Bakery served sandwiches, patties (Jamaican savoury pastries), sweet pastries, cakes and breads.

The sandwiches were the main reason I went there. They were served in a large, soft white roll known as coco bread, with a choice of salad from a selection of lettuce, onion, cucumber, and tomato. 

Pictured below is a pastrami ham and cheese roll – my favourite! However, turkey, jerk chicken and tuna were also available as fillings. At around $4 each these sandwiches were affordable, yet tasty and filling!

I was also a big fan of Hammond’s Bakery’s patties, which were great value for money at around $3 each. Patties are very popular in Jamaica – flaky pastries containing fillings (like chicken, beef or shrimp) and spices, similar to a traditional British pasty but with an orange tint (created by brushing the pastry with egg yolk or turmeric prior to baking).

My favourite was the beef and cheese patty, filled with ground beef and melted cheese. It was like eating a cheeseburger-flavoured pasty. Mmm…

The bakery had seating space available if we wanted to sit and enjoy our food, but usually we preferred to take it away to eat instead. 

If you’re looking for somewhere serving light snacks or sandwiches in Negril, look no further than Hammond’s Bakery; it’s well worth a visit!

Hammond’s Bakery
Negril Square


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