The Holiday of a Lifetime: Top 3 Ultimate Travel Destinations

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There’s a big wide world out there, and choosing exactly where to visit for the holiday of a lifetime can be a tricky decision to make. If you’ve saved up and planned for every penny, or found final funds elsewhere but only have a vague idea of where you want to visit for your big adventure, now is the time to whittle down your destination options. 

Whatever you want from your big getaway, you’re sure to be inspired by some of these adventurous ideas:

Go for a dip: Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is highly regarded as one of the prime spots for the holiday of a lifetime. There are plenty of snorkelling, diving and boat ride options available at the Great Barrier Reef. If you long to go scuba diving or snorkelling, choose a qualified instructor before taking the plunge. 

Once you’re below the surface, you’ll get to see some of the most spectacular sights, from the beautiful corals to the marine life. Cairns and Port Douglas are the two most popular starting points and there are plenty of diving schools to choose from in the area. 

If you have your heart set on joining the trend for drifting around on the ocean, hop aboard a glass-bottomed cruise and take in the idyllic Pelorus Island and the wildlife residing in the Ribbon Reefs. Due to the rainfall that occurs from December to May, boat ride operators begin their tours again in June.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia - one of the top destinations for the trip of a lifetime

Light it up: Northern Lights, Sweden

The magical Aurora Borealis is a truly beautiful phenomenon that attracts visitors from around the world to the northern hemisphere. While there are a few places where the Northern Lights can be seen, one of the best spots for this special light show is in the village of Abisko in Sweden. 

Here, you’ll find the Aurora Sky Station. Located on Mount Nuolja, 900 metres above sea level, there’s very little light or sound at the sky station, so you can take in the aurora from the observation deck without any distractions. 

The best time of year to visit is between autumn and winter, with sightings of the lights possible between September and late March. Stay awake and look up to the sky between 9pm and 2am to enjoy the spectacle – it’ll be worth it to get to experience the holiday of a lifetime!

Aurora Borealis, Sweden - a popular spot for the trip of a lifetime!

Climb every mountain: Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa

Africa’s highest mountain is a breath-taking force of nature. Set against the Tanzanian skyline, this incredible mountain is an epic trek for those seeking an adventure. 

Comprising of three cones – Shira, Kibo and Mawenzi – this dormant volcano has been successfully climbed since the 19th century. Today, the mountain is accessible from all sides and the summit can be reached by eight routes, with the Marangu Route offering the gentlest gradient. 

If you want a relatively easy Kilimanjaro climbing experience, Marangu is the most accessible route, so it’s popular with visitors. If you’re looking for stunning views, take the Lemosho Route. For more experienced climbers, the challenging Umbwe is difficult, but those who have conquered it say it’s worth the effort.

Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa - one of the best destinations for the trip of a lifetime

Whether you want to climb high or swim in the deep, there are an array of adventures waiting for you out there. Where would you travel to for the holiday of a lifetime? Are you inspired by any of these destination ideas?

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This is a collaborative post.

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