How to Order Table Service at McDonald’s

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Did you know you can now order table service at many McDonald’s restaurants throughout the UK? I popped down to McDonald’s Capitol Retail Park, Leckwith recently to find out how it works.

Ordering McDonald's Table Service using the kiosk

How to use McDonald’s Table Service

Simply place your order at the counter or by using one of the digital self-service kiosks or the app, opting for table service. Then, just get comfy in one of the designated seating zones and relax as you wait for your food to arrive. Once your food has been cooked fresh to order, it will be delivered direct to your table by a member of the McDonald’s team. In some bigger stores, McDonald’s have started to use trackers instead of zones to direct team members to where Table Service customers are sat.

McDonald’s first introduced table service back in 2016 to take the stress out of finding somewhere to sit when carrying food, potentially with children and bags. It has since been rolled out to more outlets following positive customer feedback, with parents commenting that they appreciate the ease of not having to leave children unattended while queuing.

McDonald's Table Service has now been introduced at over 400 UK restaurants, taking the stress out of eating out while carrying shopping bags or accompanied by children. Here's how to use it! #McDonalds #TableService #yournewmcdonalds #imlovinit

Customers haven’t been the only ones to benefit from the introduction of table service at McDonald’s; as crew members are now able to interact with customers more while working front-of-house, they have the opportunity to develop their verbal communication and interpersonal skills.

The new restaurant-style dining concept is part of a series of exciting changes taking place at McDonald’s as part of its digital evolution, which has also seen the introduction of a click and collect app, McDelivery via Uber Eats (available in certain areas of the UK), free Wi-Fi and phone charging facilities. Free-to-use tablets, Play Tables and Magic Floors also now feature in some restaurants to help keep children entertained.

What did I think of McDonald’s Table Service?

I tried ordering using McDonald’s Table Service for the first time recently, and I had a great experience. I tend to use the self-service kiosks as opposed to queuing at the counter anyway, as it saves time and I love being able to browse the full menu, see what’s new and customise my meal.

Ordering McDonald's Table Service at the Digital Kiosk
However, being able to order my food to be delivered direct to my table instead of having to join the queue made the experience a whole lot easier because it meant I could make the most of the free WiFi to catch up on my emails and social media notifications as I waited for my food to arrive.

A photo of me with the first meal I ordered using McDonald's Table Service
Within around 5-10 minutes of placing my order, I was tucking into a hot McChicken Sandwich, straight off the grill, teamed with a freshly prepared shaker salad and an ice-cold Diet Coke.

McChicken Sandwich, McDonald's soft drink and shaker salad

How McDonald’s is giving back to the local community in Cardiff

While visiting McDonald’s Capitol Retail Park, I also had the opportunity to speak to local franchisee, Ralph Parker, who has been the owner of a number of the Cardiff outlets for around a year, and McDonald’s People Manager, Nicola Carter, about the work that McDonald’s is doing to give back to the local community in Cardiff.

Grassroots football teams

“We do a lot to help the community and give back to the local area, and one of the things that McDonald’s is really good at locally, is football,” said Ralph. “We sponsor a lot of high-level premier league teams, but we also do a lot of work with grassroots teams.”

Nicola added: “We told the Cardiff staff that we wanted to get involved in sponsoring local football teams and straight away, Stacy, an employee at our Culverhouse Cross branch came forward. She is a football mum and she helped to organise the sponsored litter pick we did at Caerau Ely F.C recently with the football team. She was so passionate about what they do with the junior football teams and how it’s helped the community, and it just helps children stay off the streets really, which is what she wanted for her son. It grew from there really.”

“We met Gareth (Captain of Caerau Ely F.C junior football team) and he told us football had changed his life”, Ralph continued. “He said that he grew up in Ely, which wasn’t a particularly good place for a child to grow up back then [as someone who grew up in Ely until the age of 16, I totally see where he’s coming from there], and being involved in grassroots football changed his life and kept him on the straight and narrow, so he wanted to make sure he did something to give back to the community by ensuring the junior football teams continued.”

Speaking about how McDonald’s works with other local football teams, Nicola told us, “We’ve got another football team local to the Capitol Retail Park restaurant, teams for the two city centre restaurants – we’ve just got in contact with an all-girls team – and Western Avenue have a team that they support as well. It’s been really good. Football isn’t something I’ve ever got involved with before, but it brings people together.”


Helping local grassroots football teams isn’t the only way that McDonald’s has been giving back to the community in Cardiff, either.

“Over the last two years, Cardiff has seen a massive increase in homelessness in the city centre, and I really wanted to get involved with a proactive charity that works to help these people,” Ralph revealed. “I contacted The Wallich and met up with them, and then a few members of the team volunteered to go on a breakfast run with them to find out more about what they do, and following on from that we’ve done a couple of events with them.”

Meanwhile, we’ve recently just done a group fundraising day involving volunteers from all five McDonald’s Cardiff restaurants and staff from The Wallich, who spoke to the customers about what they do to help the homeless. We managed to raise £835 and this work is definitely going to be on-going, and we’ll be keeping in touch with The Wallich to find out what else we can do to work with them throughout the year. The Wallich don’t just give the homeless money, but they actually work with them to help them to overcome their personal and financial issues, and get them back on their feet again.”

I really enjoyed my visit to McDonald’s and I’ll definitely be making full use of the Table Service offering in future. It was also lovely to find out more about what they’ve been doing to give back to the local community in Cardiff, and I hope to get involved with more of their community projects myself in future.

Would you order table service at McDonald’s? In what ways would it make your dining experience easier? Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.

McDonald's Table Service has now been introduced at over 400 UK restaurants, taking the stress out of eating out while carrying shopping bags or accompanied by children. Here's how to use it! #McDonalds #TableService #yournewmcdonalds #imlovinit

This post is sponsored by McDonald's.


  1. July 14, 2018 / 11:53 am

    No way! Self-service kiosks at McDonald’s! This is such an excellent idea. I always hated having to carry a tray around looking for a table!

    • July 16, 2018 / 12:10 pm

      I know what you mean – especially when you’re lugging around a load of shopping bags too!

  2. July 14, 2018 / 9:51 pm

    My local McDonald’s has just started doing this, and with little kids, it makes things so much easier. Just order and then find a seat 🙂

    • July 16, 2018 / 12:08 pm

      I bet! Must be like a weight lifted from your shoulders.

  3. Yeah Lifestyle
    July 15, 2018 / 7:37 am

    What a fabulous idea! I would totally appreciate using this especially with having kids around and not wanting to leave them at the table alone or struggling to hold their hands and carrying the food tray at the same time.

    • July 16, 2018 / 12:07 pm

      I can see how it would be really helpful for parents with young kids. It must be stressful trying to place an order, wait in a queue and then find somewhere to sit (whilst carrying your food) when you have the little ones with you.

  4. July 15, 2018 / 8:21 am

    Our local one has this service but only when it is quieter as I think it would put more pressure on them. It’s nice to have. Especially when you have a young toddler you are trying t entertain and don’t want to leave them by themselves to collect food.

    • July 16, 2018 / 12:06 pm

      A few of the Cardiff branches have it too. I think it’s great! I hope it will be rolled out to more stores.

  5. July 15, 2018 / 2:01 pm

    We’ve utilised the table service at McDonald’s a few times now – so handy when you’ve got children who are impatient when it comes to queuing – being able to sit them down and get them ready nicely for their treat is so handy!

    • July 16, 2018 / 12:03 pm

      I bet that is really convenient for you! Great to hear that you like McDonald’s Table Service 🙂

  6. rhianwestbury
    July 15, 2018 / 5:15 pm

    I’ve seen this advertised in my local branch but never actually used it, it’s quite a good idea if you’re a family and want to sit down with your kids etc x

    • July 16, 2018 / 12:01 pm

      I agree. I don’t have children myself, but I’d use it if I’d been shopping and had lots of bags to carry.

  7. July 16, 2018 / 10:40 am

    I do like it, that McDonalds tries so hard to make itself more 2018 compatible. The new ethos are great. More big companies should follow.

    • July 16, 2018 / 12:00 pm

      I agree. It’s really great to see McDonald’s making changes to make their customers lives easier, and I really approve of the community work that they do too.

  8. July 17, 2018 / 1:44 pm

    Table service makes it so much easier with kids, you can just order on the screen, and then go sit down and get them sorted while you wait for food rather than waiting at the counter and then trying to herd the kids to a table when you have no free hands.

    • July 18, 2018 / 1:36 pm

      I totally agree. I don’t have children myself but it definitely saves me a lot of time and hassle when I visit a McDonald’s while out shopping for the day – I hate queuing when I have loads of bags to carry, there’s nothing worse!

  9. July 17, 2018 / 10:54 pm

    I don’t think our local ones have this yet, but it is a nice idea especially for those with young kiddos who are impatient and hungry! 🙂

    • July 18, 2018 / 11:56 am

      Hopefully it will get rolled out to more stores, as it seems to have had a really positive reaction 🙂

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