Product review: Clarks Maple Syrup

I was recently sent a free sample of Clarks Maple Syrup to review. Based in Newport, South Wales, family-run Clarks Maple Syrup is the UK’s best-selling maple syrup brand and offers several different varieties of syrup.

I received a 180ml bottle each of Clarks Original Maple Syrup (rrp £1.98) and Clarks No. 2 Amber Maple Syrup (rrp £2.99). Clarks Original Maple Syrup contains a blend of pure maple syrup from Quebec and carob fruit from the Mediterranean. Carob fruit is what’s known as a low glycemic ingredient and has 25% less calories than sugar – perfect for the diet I’ll be needing to go on in the New Year!

Another pure blend, Clarks No.2 Amber Maple Syrup is darker in colour and has a full-bodied, rich taste. It’s not quite as sweet as the Original Maple Syrup, but for me this isn’t a bad thing – in fact, I prefer it.

To accompany the samples, I was also sent a few recipe suggestions – porridge oats with maple syrup, glazed roast chicken with root vegetables, and maple syrup and vanilla cheesecake with pecan brittle. I happened to have a whole chicken in the fridge, so decided to try out the glazed chicken and veg. To see the recipe I used, click here.

Now, I’m a huge fan of the traditional roast chicken dinner and so I was initially feeling somewhat sceptical about putting maple syrup on a chicken. However, when I took the chicken out of the oven I was pleased to see that it was a gorgeous golden brown and crispy to the touch. The syrup formed a sweet, sticky layer on the chicken and gave it a rich taste.

My glazed, roasted potatoes and parsnips were, just like the chicken, golden brown and crispy. I could taste the maple syrup a lot more in the veg than I could in the chicken though and my roast potatoes just didn’t taste as good as the ones I’m used to making. The glazed parsnips, on the other hand, tasted great – the sweetness of the syrup really complimented their distinct flavour.

I’ll definitely be making the most of the Clarks Maple Syrup I have left. I’m thinking homemade pancakes with crispy bacon, drizzled in pure No. 2 Amber Syrup – mmm! Roll on breakfast time…

These product samples were provided complimentary to me by Clarks Maple Syrup, but I was not obliged to write a positive review. 


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