Review: BB’s Coffee and Muffins (Cardiff)

Ploughing through St David’s Centre with an impressive collection of shopping bags, I decide I simply can’t enter another shop until I satisfy my rumbling tum. Hitting the January sales is no easy business, and neither is choosing between the various venues in the new food hall, but I’ve been meaning to visit BB’s Coffee and Muffins for quite some time now.

Situated in the heart of the shopping centre, a few doors down from Greggs, BB’s Coffee and Muffins has a cute, pink and black front that puts its neighbour’s oh-too-familiar, blue and yellow theme to shame. The interior has a friendly and modern feel. Although predominantly white and brightly lit, the bold blocks of green and pink in the décor and furniture help to create a vibrant atmosphere. Some of the walls feature black panels adorned with white, italic handwriting featuring the word, ‘because’, followed by what I presume to be various excuses for visiting BB’s Coffee and Muffins (as if I need an excuse)!
According to their website, BB’s Coffee & Muffins began in a bakery in Australia named, ‘Baker’s Bun’. When muffins began to outsell every other item the bakery produced, the owners realised they’d hit on a recipe for success and began focusing solely on muffins. Before long they were serving fresh coffee too, which led to the name of BB’s Coffee & Muffins. They now have over 50 stores in the UK and Ireland.
Feeling famished after my morning of shopping, I take my place in the queue and within a couple of minutes I am served. I order a Turkey and Stuffing panini with a cold glass of Coca-Cola (I’d try their coffee if I wasn’t so quenched) and, of course, a muffin. The full selection of these legendary muffins are lined up in a glass cabinet, just waiting to be eaten. After much deliberation, I opt for a chocolate muffin topped with buttercream icing, toffee sauce and Malteasers, trying my best not to think about the calories.
As I wait for my panini to be grilled, I choose a table towards the end of the café (this is probably wise if you’re going to be photographing your lunch and want to avoid any funny looks). I barely have time to sit down before my order is placed in front of me.
 After the morning I’ve had, this is just what I need.

The turkey and stuffing panini is served on a white, oval plate branded with the BB’s logo. Turkey and stuffing might seem an odd choice of filling so soon after Christmas, but the thought of trying it with melted cheese was just too much to resist.

Checking to see if anyone’s looking, I take a sneaky snap of my dish with this post in mind. Then, unable to hold back any longer, I grab my panini with both hands and take the biggest bite I can. The turkey is succulent and fresh, the stuffing tastes rich and peppery, and the cheese (mozzarella) is an interesting addition, binding the different fillings together to make for a delicious combination of flavours.

Likewise, the eagerly-anticipated muffin is everything I hoped it would be and more, complete with matching napkin reading, “I am not a muffin but… let me wipe the crumbs that got away.” Too cute. Not wanting to feel bloated for the remainder of my shopping trip, I refrain from eating it until I get home. The waitress kindly puts it into a little box for me to take away, and as you can see I manage to get it home in one piece, although this doesn’t last long once I’ve taken the photo…

“I am not a muffin but… let me wipe the crumbs that got away.”
Based on my first experience of BB’s Coffee and Muffins in Cardiff, I would highly recommend it to people of all ages. My order cost around seven pounds, so it’s not the cheapest of places to eat out for lunch yet the most expensive either, but for the quality of food and service on offer, I think it’s good value for money. Perfect for when you’re shopping ’til you drop (like me), out for lunch with colleagues, catching up with a friend over coffee or treating the family on a day-out – kids will fall in love with the muffins (and so will you)!

BB’s Coffee and Muffins
Town Wall Walk
St David’s Centre
CF10 2DQ
(029) 2034 0851


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  1. January 8, 2012 / 11:27 pm

    I love it there! The muffins are huge and they have discount vouchers online sometimes.
    Love the decor too x

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