Lunchtime review: The Little Blue Deli – High Street, Barry

Stepping off the cold, wet street into The Little Blue Deli feels like hot clothes straight from the tumble dryer – comfortable and cosy, with a pleasantly sweet smell. The walls are the palest shade of blue and the wooden floor is painted white, creating a well-lit, calming space. Meanwhile, coloured tea-light lanterns and abstract paintings by local artists introduce a kitsch vibe. The ceiling features an elaborate blue pattern, and traditional, home-made cakes
are on display in dainty, domed cake stands. Combined, these elements of The Little Blue Deli’s design create a traditional, yet contemporary, atmosphere.

The Little Blue Deli opened on High Street in Barry in late 2012, following the launch of a successful sister café on Thomson Street in 2011.

Chalkboard menus hanging on the walls reveal a long list of dishes, from the traditional to the more innovative. Visitors can choose from a long list of hot drinks to warm themselves up, ranging from the original Americano to the rather fancy Ferrero Rocher hot chocolate (how I resisted I’ll never know!). A selection of cold drinks are also on offer.

Early morning diners can tuck into a cooked breakfast (Welsh or English), bagels, porridge or cereal. Many of the light snack and main meal options are popular British dishes, including corned beef pie, sandwiches, omelette, salad, fish and chips, jacket potatoes and Sunday roast, to name just a few. In addition the menu features several Italian options, such as lasagne and pasta, alongside gluten-free, sugar-free and vegetarian options. For dessert, take your pick from that mouth-watering spread of cakes I mentioned earlier. I feel like Alice in Wonderland –these cakes may as well be screaming “eat me”!

Resisting temptation I order a Hunter’s Chicken panini (£2.95), consisting of succulent, chunky chicken and juicy bacon covered in BBQ sauce and melted mozzarella, wedged between a soft, white baguette flattened under the panini grill.


My guest orders the New York Club panini (also £2.95) which contains chicken, ham salami and cheese.
We are both really pleased with our orders – both paninis are generously-filled and still hot when we get them back to the car (we couldn’t eat-in as we were in a rush). For £2.95, you just can’t go wrong.


Or can you? Although it’s not busy we wait almost 15 minutes for our food to arrive, during which time we are forced to endure the sounds of Britney Spears and One Direction being broadcast throughout the deli. Thank God we’re not eating in!

Furthermore, whilst researching Little Blue Deli for the purpose of this post I find out that the
café received a food hygiene rating of just 1 in December of last year, meaning ‘major improvement necessary’. One can only hope that the kitchen hygiene problems are just teething pains for the team behind Little Blue Deli on High Street. The successful branch on Thomson Street managed to achieve a food hygiene score of 4, or ‘good’, so
hopefully they will be able to teach their younger sister a lesson or two.

Personally, I won’t let the hygiene rating stop me from visiting Little Blue Deli again. The whole café was so clean that I’d have had no idea it had received such a poor score, had I not looked online. The food was delicious and the décor was pretty and uplifting – I just hope they change the background music by the next time I visit!

Little Blue Deli
86 High Street
CF62 7DX
(01446) 401 101

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  1. June 13, 2013 / 2:27 pm

    i pop in to the deli for a coffee and cake or a soup. i cannot eat very solid stuff due to a gastric problem so their home made soup is the best. ive had potato and leak tomato which is the traditional style of having bread crumbs in it. it was stunning. ive had stilton and broccoli to die for. i hope they keep the soup options all summer so i can keep enjoying my food. great place for a leisurely snack or meal.

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