Fried chicken to put KFC to shame – Restaurant review: Seaview Bar & Grill – Negril, Jamaica

Fried chicken is big in Jamaica, making for a cheap, quick and delicious (albeit unhealthy) way to eat chicken. I ate a lot of fried chicken during my time in Negril and no matter where I ordered it from, it always tasted worlds apart from any fried chicken I’ve had back home.

The batter was a deep golden brown, crispy and full of flavour, while the chicken was tender and tasty. The other reason I prefer the fried chicken I tried in Negril is because you can choose whether you want breast, leg or wing, instead of just settling for whatever you’re given.

During my first week in Negril we visited the Seaview Bar and Grill, a small sports bar and restaurant situated at the start of the West End Road behind Scotia Bank, near the sign for One Love Drive.

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There isn’t much seating space but there are also a few benches just across the road, right on the sea front, where you can sit and take in the beautiful scenery as you eat your food.

As you can see from the menu in the picture above (apologies for the quality – it was a bright day!), Seaview Bar and Grill served fried, curried, baked or jerk chicken, escovitch fish and a variety of conch dishes. Conch is a large sea snail found in conch shells. It might sound less than appealing, but conch is fairly popular in Jamaica. It’s cheap and easy to get hold of. I kept telling myself I was going to pluck up the courage to try some, but never quite got round to it somehow…

We ordered three pieces of fried chicken and fries each, which came to $11 JMD. The fries were just average, but the fried chicken was on another level. It was the best fried chicken I’ve ever tasted in my life, and that’s no exaggeration. The batter was thin, crispy and rich – I’ve never had such a tasty batter before! Meanwhile, the chicken was of a decent size and a good quality, cooked well throughout.

I will never look at KFC in the same way again! Make sure you check out the Seaview Bar and Grill if you’re in Negril – this may well be the best fried chicken you ever taste in your life! The restaurant is open from 9am – 2am (12am on Sundays), with food served from 11.30am – 12am, and there is no need to book. 
Hear what the owner, Paul has to say in this video from the One Love Drive website: 

Seaview Sports Bar and Grill
One Love Drive
West End Road

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