A new menu with a difference – Restaurant review: T.G.I Fridays, Cardiff

Recently, I was kindly invited along to T.G.I Fridays in Cardiff  to review the new menu, which launched on 14th July.

Of the 67 T.G.I Friday’s restaurants in the UK, Cardiff is one of only two locations to offer the new menu, which features vibrant flavours and creative concoctions like cola-glazed beef ribs, Jack Daniel’s crispy duck fajitas and the green chili cheeseburger.

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TGI Fridays on Newport Road, Cardiff

To start, both myself and my guest (my housemate, James) opted for the pulled pork sundae (£5.99) because it sounded so unusual, yet so appealing. This was one of the new dishes on the menu.In line with the restaurant chain’s American theme, the new menu also sees the introduction of several  over-sized, Man Vs Food-style dishes. The Tomahawk is a 30-oz ribeye steak which takes 25 minutes to cook medium, while The Chief burger is packed with a 7oz beef burger,  chargrilled chicken breast, chillies, crispy bacon, jalapenos, cheese and chilli mayo, topped with a scotch bonnet chili.

Served in a sundae glass, this consisted of BBQ pulled pork, bacon and melted cheese between layers of mashed potato, topped with Texan toothpicks (ie. crispy. deep-fried jalapeno strips).

It was a little difficult to eat at first because the Texan toothpicks kept falling out of the glass as we dug our forks in, so we would recommend that T.G.I’s includes slightly less of these on top of the sundae.

Once we’d made our way through the Texan toothpicks, we were in foodie heaven! The BBQ pulled pork was incredibly tender and tasty, while the mashed potato was smooth and creamy – the perfect match for the melted cheese.

This is a rather filling dish to order as a starter so if you plan on ordering dessert, it’s probably best to start with something lighter.


Pulled pork sundae

For my main course, I ordered the Warrior burger (£14.99); two 7oz burgers piled high with
Mozzarella dippers, Colby cheese, bacon, American cheese, caramelized onions and Fridays® mayo, served with crispy fries and onion rings.

This was definitely the biggest burger I’ve ever ordered at a restaurant. I only managed to eat the top half and one of the mozzarella dippers – I would be quite concerned if I’d been able to eat all of it!

The burgers had been chargrilled and had a delicious, smoky flavour, like a proper American burger. The bacon was perfectly cooked – crispy, not cremated – and it tasted even better with the cheese melted onto it.

I would recommend eating the mozzarella dippers first, as they tend to cool down pretty quickly and they taste much better when they’re still hot.


Warrior burger

James ordered the Scorpion chicken sandwich (£11.49) for his main course. Another addition to the new menu. this included a chicken breast coated in Scorpion hot sauce, topped with chillies, bacon, cheese, tomato and red onion on a glazed brioche bun.

This looked pretty tasty. The cheese and chillies looked good melted onto the chicken breast and there were plenty of fries. James enjoyed it, although he was a little disappointed at how mild the burger was, considering it comes with a ‘super spicy’ warning.


Scorpion chicken sandwich

After polishing off our starters and main courses we were feeling quite full, so we decided to give dessert a miss. We did manage to find some room for one of T.G.I’s decadent new cocktails, though. We went for the Turkish Delight (£6.49); Hendrick’s gin with BOLS Crème de Cacao, rose syrup and chocolate bitters, topped with Friday’s® Foam.

Turkish delight cocktail

This had a delicate rose flavour, topped with a layer of light, wispy foam. It was enjoyable, but it wasn’t the sort of cocktail you’d want to drink all of the time. We were a bit unsure about the chocolate bitters – they were a bit too, well, bitter – perhaps using milk chocolate would help.

James and I had a great time at T.G.I Fridays. The food both looked and tasted amazing and our waitress was really enthusiastic and helpful. I would definitely return to the restaurant in future, although as it can be a bit expensive, I would be inclined to visit between Monday to Thursday, when you can currently order a starter and a main course from a set menu from as little as £9.99.

What do you think of T.G.I Fridays? You can leave a comment in the box below 🙂

T.G.I Fridays
7 City Link
Newport Road
CF24 1PQ
0344 692 0233

I was invited to T.G.I Fridays as a guest and our food and drink was provided complimentary. However, I was not obliged to write a positive review.



  1. Serena
    September 7, 2015 / 10:11 am

    I’ve never been to TGI Friday’s. The food looks good though. Turkish Delight cocktail sounds delicious!

  2. September 7, 2015 / 10:11 am

    I need to go to TGI Fridays right now! Can’t enjoy the cocktails with being pregnant but would happily eat 3 courses of yumminess!

  3. September 7, 2015 / 10:55 am

    What an exciting menu! The pulled pork sundae looks amazing and sounds it as well. Its been ages since I went to a TGI and it sounds like quite an experience now! x

  4. September 7, 2015 / 12:28 pm

    Oh wow this looks and sounds amazing! I am so hungry now after reading this, I really need a burger!

  5. Lorraine
    September 7, 2015 / 3:03 pm

    Jack Daniel’s crispy duck fajitas, sounds like something boyfriend would try. I’ve never eaten at TGI Fridays, not sure if I would give it a try.

  6. September 7, 2015 / 4:42 pm

    Oh yes please, I could totally see myself tucking into this right now – what a delicious looking meal. x

  7. September 7, 2015 / 5:58 pm

    mm I just love TGI Fridays, those jack daniel steaks are to die for. Fab review x

  8. September 7, 2015 / 6:23 pm

    Oh wow, some of these dishes look amazing! I’ve just showed my boyfriend and I’ve been told that a trip to TGIs is in order ASAP!

    The JD duck sounds lush! We also love the look of the pulled pork sundae – how inventive!


  9. September 7, 2015 / 7:14 pm

    Well having seen that food I now want to go to TGI straightaway… it looks so much better than it used to x

  10. September 7, 2015 / 8:13 pm

    We are heading into Cardiff Tomorrow, trying to choose between the Red Hot Chilli Buffet and here for dinner!

  11. September 7, 2015 / 8:19 pm

    Turkish delight cocktail sounds like a dream come true! The burger looked incredible, in fact all of it does. *Heads down to TGI’s*

  12. Emma
    September 7, 2015 / 9:42 pm

    That starter looks divine! Is there a TGI’s in London offering the menu I wonder?

  13. September 7, 2015 / 11:29 pm

    I am a big fan of TGI Friday’s and the new menu looks fab! Whenever we go I have to have something with the Jack Daniels glaze as I just love it 🙂

    Louise x

    With love from Lou

  14. September 8, 2015 / 4:09 pm

    Would you believe I have never been to a TGI’s? It looks incredible and I’m especially loving the look of the Pulled Pork Sundae and the Turkish Delight cocktail, yum!

  15. September 8, 2015 / 7:30 pm

    i love TGIs and the new menu looks great. You can’t beat their cocktails either!

  16. September 8, 2015 / 7:59 pm

    We adore visiting our local TGI’S. We always find we get a good meal there and the plates are full with hot, great quality food and the price is fair.

  17. September 9, 2015 / 1:11 am

    I have not been to TGI for a while and I don’t think I have ever seen anything like the pulled pork sundae before!! That Turkish delight cocktail looks amazing

    Laura x

  18. September 9, 2015 / 5:59 pm

    Oh everything looks so yummy. I’ve not been to TGI in a while and I’m going at the end of the month. The Pulled pork sundae is a bit of me! mmm

  19. September 9, 2015 / 9:07 pm

    Another thing I miss about not living in the UK anymore. TGIF. It looks delicious! I am seriously craving it now.

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