Restaurant review: The Grazing Shed – Cardiff city centre

The Grazing Shed on Barrack Lane, Cardiff

Perched on the corner of Barrack Lane in Cardiff, enclosed by a dainty white picket fence, the Grazing Shed has a simple yet impressive appearance that practically beckons me inside to discover more (okay, so those three magic words, ‘Super Tidy Burgers’, just may had something to do with it too!)

Inside, the Grazing Shed has a relaxed and laidback atmosphere. The back wall is made from what looks like wooden crates, and diners sit on bench-style seating.

The dining area in the Grazing Shed

On our table there is a bunch of baby daffodils planted inside a tin can, and Bob Marley plays in the background. It’s a shame I’m on my lunch hour, because I could quite easily relax in here all day!

Daffodils create a friendly atmosphere

The Grazing Shed serve a tantalising selection of gourmet burgers and, true to their word, they are all very ‘super tidy’ indeed. The menu features a range of beef, chicken and veggie burgers and fries, in addition to junior and student options. Prices vary depending on which burger you order, and whether you order it alone or as part of the meal deal. To see the full menu for The Grazing Shed, click here.

The Grazing Shed is very proud of its commitment to using only the finest quality, locally sourced ingredients. The bread is baked fresh daily by a local artisanal baker and all of the sauces and chutneys are prepared by hand every morning in the restaurant kitchen. The restaurant walls are adorned with colourful canvases, each one featuring a photo of a local supplier, right through from the baker to the butchers, alongside a short introduction on who they are and what they supply to the restaurant (see below picture).

The Grazing Shed’s suppliers feature in the restaurant décor
Once you’ve ordered your burger, you can watch it being prepared in the Grazing Shed’s open-plan kitchen, below.
Order your burger and watch it being prepared

After much pondering over the menu I opt for the Daisy Duke meal (£10.00), which includes the burger, country fries and a bottomless drink. I’m excited to learn that the drinks are made using local syrups, with four tempting flavours are on offer – ginger beer, root beer, garden lemonade and sparkling elderflower and rose. The lemonade has a zesty, traditional taste to it and the elderflower and rose make for an unusual, yet refreshing, combination.

Within no more than ten minutes, the burger has been cooked and is on my table – now that’s what I call good service, especially as it’s lunchtime. Served in a small basket, my meal includes a large burger and a generous portion of crispy, golden brown fries.

Now that’s what I call a burger…

Inside the soft seeded bap is a grilled chicken fillet served with cheddar fondue, BBQ and Cajun dressing, boom boom mayo (with basil and lime), red onion confit, rocket and lettuce, as in the below picture. The chicken is really tender and the homemade sauces really give this burger the edge. Best burger I’ve had in a long time!

The Daisy Duke burger is crammed with quality ingredients

My guest opts for the John Wayne burger meal (£10.95), consisting of a 100% Welsh beef burger topped with cheddar fondue, smokey bacon, BBQ and Cajun dressing, red onion confit and lettuce. This looks really appetising, definitely worth a try if you like beef burgers.

The John Wayne doesn’t look too shabby, either

We were both extremely pleased with our meals, agreeing that neither of us has had the joy of eating such a decent burger in a while. I couldn’t afford to dine here for lunch every week, but I’ll definitely be returning to The Grazing Shed at some point soon. If I’m feeling particularly adventurous I’ll give the spicy Uncle Pedro a go – avocado mash, chunky Mayan salsa, jalapeno-infused sour cream, chorizo and lettuce.

The Grazing Shed
1 Barrack Lane
CF10 2GS

Opening hours
Sunday to Thursday: 11.00am – 9.00pm
Friday and Saturday: 11.00am – 10.00pm



  1. hannah
    August 21, 2015 / 3:50 pm

    I’ve fancied trying the burgers in here for some time. They look really nice. If I go in here i would prefer to take the food away with me. I’m just not fussed on the seating, it looks really uncomfortable and just like some take away, but for restaurant prices. The burgers may be super tidy, but the seating isn’t x

    • August 22, 2015 / 10:38 am

      I can definitely recommend The Grazing Shed! 🙂 Never had a bad burger in here and the fries taste fantastic, too. The seating is a bit uncomfy though, you’re right – I had a numb bum when I’d finished eating my meal! Lol…

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