Top 5 tasty treats this Easter

The Easter bunny has come early for me this year! I’ve been lucky enough to try out some of the sweet treats included in the M&S Easter range. Here are my top 5 Easter goodies from the selection I sampled:

1) Beehive Honeycomb Egg (£8,
The Beehive Honeycomb Egg consists of a milk chocolate bee hive decorated with a queen bee, and eight dark chocolate Scottish heather honey caramel ‘bees’.

The bee hive contains generous chunks of honeycomb and the milk chocolate is smooth and creamy, making this one of the most delicious Easter eggs I’ve ever tasted. Not bad at all for £8.

2) The Artist’s Egg (£12, 300g

As it’s name would suggest, The Artist’s Egg is a work of art; an angular sculpture covered in hand-painted abstract lines and squiggles of gold and silver edible paint. Very fancy indeed!

Despite its elaborate appearance, however, the egg itself isn’t flavoured – it consists of milk chocolate only.

It comes with five square chocolates, flavoured with orange and subtly spiced with cinnamon. These were lovely, although they may be a bit too festive for this time of year.

An impressive egg, but not worth the £12 price tag.

3) Tweeting Egg Box (£5, 350g )

The Tweeting Egg Box is aimed at kids, but proved to be just as popular with my friends! As you open the box, you hear the sound of birds tweeting.

Inside the box, there are two bags full of egg- and chick-shaped jellies. The egg jellies are flavoured orange, while the chicks are a zesty lemon with a hint of orange. These were really tasty, although they did leave a somewhat bitter, citrusy after-taste in my mouth. Still, they’re a great alternative to a traditional chocolate egg for the little ones. 

4) Mini Easter Nest Cupcakes (£3 for 9)

These mini cupcakes were so moreish, I ate my way through half a box in five minutes. The chocolate sponge contained milk chocolate chips, while the chocolate icing was sinfully sweet. The dark chocolate sprinkles made for the perfect finishing touch.

5) A Spring Garden of Assorted Chocolate Eggs (£12, 265g)

Upon first impressions, this looked like a stunning selection of eggs. They were the first item I picked up when I was browsing the Easter range at M&S.

The three larger eggs certainly lived up to my expectations, consisting of a milk and dark chocolate egg with pistachio brittle, a dark chocolate egg decorated with dried strawberry and edible white paint, and a white chocolate and raspberry egg.

However, the smaller eggs were a bit of a let down. Although they looked amazing, I was disappointed to discover that they didn’t contain any special flavours – just standard milk chocolate.

Nevertheless, M&S’s Spring Garden of Assorted Easter Eggs was so pretty that I probably would buy it again in future. It would be perfect for an Easter egg hunt in the garden. 

The products featured in this review were provided to me complimentary by M&S, but I selected the products myself from the in-store range and I was not obliged to write positive feedback about any of them.


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  1. October 20, 2015 / 9:41 pm

    I think the M&S Easter eggs look heavenly but it is unfortunate that the small eggs were a let down as they look so beautiful.

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