What Food Can You Expect To Eat On A Private Jet?

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Usually associated with a hefty price tag, it’s no surprise that private jets are well-known for the luxury travel experience they offer passengers. When it comes to dining, the meals typically served onboard private jets will be like plane food like you’ve never experienced it before. What’s more, the short answer to the titular question is that you can request pretty much any cuisine you want while flying on a private jet; in any case, your food will be carefully prepared and served to a VIP level of service.

Private jet in the snow

To whet your appetite for such an experience, here are some of the most popular choices of food among private jet diners:

1. Smoked salmon dishes

Smoked salmon is often associated with decadent eating and, unsurprisingly, is regularly requested by private jet passengers. As you might expect, this is a popular choice for brunch, breakfast or as a starter.

2. Antipasti platters

Flights on private jets are also often something groups of people enjoy and share together, so Mediterranean antipasti sharing platters are another common choice. 

3. Steaks and roast chicken dinners

Faultlessly cooked steaks and succulent roast chicken dinners can be tasty and fulfilling and as such, they are regularly seen as the perfect accompaniment to the accommodating surroundings of a private jet.

4. Pastries

It’s not all about savoury food when it comes to dining on a private jet; lots of passengers have a sweet tooth and will regularly treat themselves to sugary pastries from all over the world.

5. Fruit

For shorter flights where a large meal isn’t ideal, passengers often prefer to divulge in fresh fruits. Again, these might be arranged on a sharing platter – and will no doubt be accompanied by a glass or two of Champagne!

Macarons stacked up with fresh raspberries

6. Pizza and fries

Although flying on a private jet is often viewed as a luxury experience, it’s not always about fine dining; there are plenty of travellers who prefer to munch on a slice of their favourite pizza. Sometimes, fancy flying is also about treating yourself to the guilty pleasures in life.

How to make the most of your private jet experience

If you want to make the most of your private jet experience from both a comfort and culinary perspective, be sure to consider the full range of providers and the range of options available for your journey.

It’s no surprise that flying in a private jet is an expensive experience, but there are ways and means you can help bring the costs down. Treat it like any other travel booking, and organise it with as much notice as you can possibly allow for.

Another great tip is to look for last-minute cancellations and empty leg flights which companies will want to fill, often at a considerably lower price.

However you decide to approach your booking, what you can be sure of if that, with a flight like this, you are in for an unforgettable dining experience that will be both lavish and delectable. Enjoy!

Have you ever flown on a private jet before? What would you enjoy the most about the experience?

This is a collaborative post.

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