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How To Refresh Your Kitchen With Wall Art

A modern kitchen with white wall art

Do you cook more from scratch while at home during lockdown? As a food blogger, I often cook meals using fresh ingredients, whether it’s for work or simply to feed myself. Throughout lockdown, however, I’ve begun cooking for myself more than ever. And I’m not alone. Apparently, over one-fifth of us are now cooking every […] Read more…

Practical Ideas for Enviable Kitchens

A modern, clean kitchen decorated with poinsiettas

A quick look at Pinterest confirms kitchen-envy is still alive and well. Dig a little deeper and, strangely enough, it’s not the glamorous, over-designed rooms we love best. Craving impractical glazed cabinets, space-wasting islands or cherry-tomato-size sinks doesn’t seem to be a thing. Instead, our little cooking hearts are set on practical and fresh, space […] Read more…